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Vitamin B17

Vitamin B17 or laetrile or Amygdalin is among the main components of food in cultures like Hunzas, Eskimos, Abkasians etc. No wonder these tribes have never ever reported a cancer case. As per dedicated Biochemist Dr. Ernst Krebs, instrumental in bringing B17 to the modern world, we need at least a minimum of 100 mg of B17 or around 7 apricot seeds to almost guarantee a cancer free life. Here are some of the major foods that contain this amazing cancer fighting substance:

1. Seeds of Fruits or Kernels: These have the highest concentration of B17 in nature apart from bitter almonds. Seeds of apricot, cherry, apple, peach, nectarine, plum, pear & prune contain good amounts of laetrile.

2. Nuts: Macadamia, Bitter Almond, Cashew.

3. Beans: Burma, Broad (Vicia faba), lentils (sprouted), mung (sprouted), lima, Scarlet runner, Rangoon

4. Berries: Nearly all wild berries- Chokeberry, Blackberry, Christmas berry, Elderberry, Raspberry, Cranberry, Strawberry.

5. Grasses: Acacia, Aquatic, Alfaalfa (sprouted), Milkweed, Sudan, Minus, white dover, wheat grass.

6. Seeds: Flax, Chia, Sesame.

7. Miscellaneous: Fuschia plant, Bamboo shoots, Yew tree (Fresh Leaves, needles), Wild Hydrangea.

As per Dr. Krebs, the required daily dose of B17 (as cancer preventive) can be obtained by following either of the below methods.

Method 1: Eating B17 containing whole fruits but avoiding eating more seeds than you would have eaten if you have had whole fruit. For instance, if you eat 3-4 apples per day, the amount of B17 in the seeds of 3-4 apples is sufficient. There is no need to consume a pound of seeds.

Method 2: One apricot or peach per 10lbs of body weight is more than enough to be used as a cancer preventive, though exact numbers can vary from individual to individual as per dietary habits and metabolism strength. For instance, a 170lbs woman can consume 17 peach or apricot kernels per day and should have biologically sufficient amount of daily B17 intake.

An important thing to note- Too much of anything is bad. Eating more seeds or kernels than required may produce some side effects. It is important to consume these foods in biologically reasonable amounts.

You can get maximum amount of Vitamin B17 from your food when eating them in sprouting or raw form. However, some tampering or moderate cooking of food will still have good amounts of B17.

Success Stories

Dan Beasley, a father of two was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma t-cell cancer in February 1996. His cancer was in stage 4- the worst stage. He had MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and was taking prescribed medication given by his doctor prior to being diagnosed with cancer. His doctor told him that the MS medication probably is the cause of cancer and how ‘she sees these things every now & then’.

Doctor immediately rushed him into chemotherapy and he didn’t get a chance to consider alternative therapy/treatments or even consult his wife who was obviously upset about all this. He told us that he just went along with his oncologist’s recommendations who had 25 years of experience and informed him about chemotherapy being the best option. Chemotherapy, as usual, was very intense and he stayed in hospital for a week.

Nothing worked and even after undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for weeks and taking a ridiculous amount of medication, the cancer returned and this time it was even more deadly.

His loving wife, Jill, didn’t lose hope and starting research alternative medicines. Dan, on a recommendation from a friend, started with juicing organic vegetables & fruits. This didn’t work but yet they never lost hope. Dan’s brother-in-law Jim, told them about Vitamin B17 and gave them Edward Griffin’s book “World Without Cancer”. Jill started reading and was amazed to come across some of the facts mentioned in the book.

Jill & Jim made few calls and fortunately met a naturopathic doctor who started Dan on B17 therapy. Dan started with 500 mg tablet a day and quickly increased it to 6 tablets within 2 weeks. He followed a strict diet plan and took enzymes & multivitamins along with laetrile. In 2 months, cancer was gone.

Dan & Jill were excited. They wanted to share their success story with the rest of the world and went to a nearby cancer hospital. The hospital staff asked them to leave immediately and never come back again and if they did, they would enforce security policies- a great example of how conventional medicine is trying to suppress alternative therapies.

Dan & Jill live a normal life now in their Kansas home and recently married their eldest daughter. Dan has been cancer free since taking laetrile and is leading a happy & healthy life.

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